Personal Records Assessment Committee (PRAT)

CSU ID Implementation

August 17, 2006, Colorado State University took a significant step towards completing the conversion from PID to CSUID. All students, faculty and staff were issued a new primary identifier, called the CSUID, to replace their PID which, with few exceptions, is an individual’s social security number. The project required a review of all storage, gathering, and availability of PIDs and a conversion to the new CSUID wherever appropriate and possible. During the morning of Thursday, August 17, a significant data source for many systems at the University was converted to the new CSUID. Plans were carefully made and reviewed to provide as clean a transition as possible. These changes have very broad, far reaching impacts upon numerous downstream systems at the University.

Additional Details on the SSN Purge

A note on Paper and other Hardcopy Records Containing SSNs

It is the responsibility of individual departments to secure physical records containing sensitive information. Paper and other hardcopy records containing SSNs are to be protected in the same manner as paper and other hardcopy records containing sensitive data have always been protected, i.e. physically secured consistent with the quality and quantity of sensitive information and need for access. For example, if it has been accepted practice in departments to store student records in spaces behind locked doors that are accessible to faculty, then this process may continue, and nothing in the current SSN purge activity affects this practice. However, individual departments should periodically reassess their policies and procedures for access to sensitive records, and a prudent approach would be to perform such an assessment in conjunction with this SSN purge activity, but there is no such requirement associated with the SSN purge activity.


The Memo from Tony Frank, the Personal Attestation, and the Request for Exception are located in the forms section.