Get Connected: Connecting to CSU's Network

ACNS maintains CSU's backbone data network. The network infrastructure provides 100 megabit or gigabit connections to every building on campus as well as wireless connections.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for Computers and Networks at Colorado State

On-campus wired network

To connect a computer to CSU's wired network from on campus, see the CSU Computer Labs or contact your department's IT manager.

On-campus wireless network

Off-campus network access

Secure Gateway

For security reasons, many of the resources on the CSU network are blocked from the Internet at the border router. CSU faculty, staff, students, and associates may gain access to these blocked resources by connecting using the Secure Gateway. For more information, visit the Border Router Filtering Web page.

Secure remote access to the CSU network is provided the Secure Gateway (also called SSL VPN). Users can connect from any web browser at:

Google Chrome v42 does not support Java by default. If the Secure Gateway doesn't work, use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

Instructions for Connecting to the Secure Gateway