Computer Labs at Colorado State University

The following is a list of computer labs at CSU. While some computer labs are open to all students, most are funded by a specific student technology fee and/or are maintained by a particular college or department, and therefore have limited access.

Open Access Computing Labs
Laptop Checkout
Students with a Student ID can check out a laptop for six hours from either the Behavioral Sciences Building or the TILT great hall, and take them anywhere.
130 BSB / TILT Great Hall
Morgan Library Computer Lab 1st Floor Morgan Library (970) 491-1841
Limited Access Computing Labs
Academic Village C141 Classroom Academic Village (Engineering) C141 Academic Village (970) 491-8492
Academic Village C146 Electronic Classroom (Engineering) C146 Academic Village (970) 491-8404
Academic Village Workrooms 1 & 2 Academic Village (Engineering) C136 & C144 Academic Village N/A
Ag Sci Undergraduate Computer Labs 218 Shepardson
222 Shepardson

(970) 491-7344
Ag Sci Graduate Computer Labs Animal Sciences: 3 Animal Science
DARE: 335 Clark (B-Wing East 3rd floor)
Plant Sciences: 023 Plant Sciences
123 Shepardson
(970) 491-6348
(970) 491-3577
(970) 491-6255
(970) 491-3156
Anderson Computer Lab 220 Glover building N/A
Art Department Computer Lab M106 Visual Arts (970) 491-3514
B-C Infill Lounge (Sunray Thin Clients - Engineering) BC106 Engineering Building N/A
Biochemistry Computer Lab MRB 103 N/A
Biology Computer Lab E100 Anatomy/Zoology (970) 491-6627
Rockwell Hall Computer Lab (Business) 37, 38 Rockwell Hall (970) 491-5968
CBE Computer Lab 146C Glover N/A
Computerized Writing Classroom I 2 Eddy N/A
Computerized Writing Classroom II 4 Eddy N/A
Computer Science Computer Labs Computer Science 110 and 120 (970) 491-7458
CNS Communication Outreach Center and Experiential Learning Lab B302 NESB (970) 491-1700
DVM Freshman Computer Lab W104 Anatomy N/A
DVM Sophomore Computer Lab 111 Pathology N/A
DVM Junior/Senior/VTH Computer Lab A224 VTH N/A
Eddy Computer Lab 300 Eddy (970) 491-1040
Education Computer Lab - (Health & Human Sciences) 220 Education (970) 491-3860
Engineering Research Center (ERC) Electronic Classroom A210 Engineering Research Center (970) 491-7057
Engineering Research Center (ERC) Design Studio F201 Engineering Research Center N/A
GIS Computer Classroom C205 Engineering Building (970) 491-6528
Foreign Language Lab C145 Clark 491-6370
Gifford Computer Lab (Health & Human Sciences) 317 Gifford (970) 491-7406
Preconstruction Center Computer Lab (Health & Human Sciences) 200, 201 Preconstruction Center (970) 491-4658
Ingersoll Computer Lab E6 Ingersoll (970) 491-2789
Intensive English Media Lab 108 Alder Hall (970) 491-2951
Internet Café (Engineering) A104 Engineering building (970) 491-2532
Journalism Communication Research Lab C252 Clark N/A
Journalism Desktop Publishing Lab I C254 Clark N/A
Journalism Desktop Publishing Lab II C255 Clark N/A
Journalism Multimedia Lab C235 Clark N/A
Lockheed Martin Magellan Design Studio (Engineering) B202 Engineering building (970) 491-3863
Lockheed Martin Orion Design Studio (Engineering) C138 Academic Village N/A
Lockheed Martin Titan Studio Classroom (Engineering) B203 Engineering building (970) 491-4100
Lockheed Martin Viking Electronic Classroom (Engineering) B205 Engineering building (970) 491-7149
Microbiology Computer Lab A202 Microbiology N/A
Moby Computer Lab (Health & Human Sciences) B219A Moby (970) 491-6004
Motorsport Engineering Research Center (MERC) Computer Lab 104B MERC N/A
Psychology Computer Lab C80 Clark (970) 491-6852
Social Sciences/Statistics Computer Lab C141 Clark (970) 491-2433
University Center for the Arts CAD Lab 236 UCA N/A
University Center for the Arts Listening Lab G204 UCA N/A
WCNR Computer Applications Lab 107 Natural Resources (970) 491-3776
WCNR Computer Learning Lab 232 Natural Resources (970) 491-5867
WCNR GIS Technology Lab 230 Natural Resources (970) 491-5867