Email Account Information

Getting an Email Account

All Colorado State University students, faculty, staff, and associates are given a free email account when they create an eID on the eID Web Site.

Google Apps for CSU

Undergraduates get a Google Apps @rams account with their eID
Faculty, Staff, and
Graduate Students
can create a Google Apps @rams account
in addition to their main university email account
Alumni can create a lifetime Google Apps @alumni account

Office365 (O365) Service

Email & Calendaring is provided for CSU graduate students, faculty, staff and associates with Office365:


Log in to Web-Based Email

Google Apps
Undergraduates, optional for Grad students,
Faculty & Staff
Office 365
Grad students, Faculty & Staff
Department Specific

Bulk Email

Adding and Changing Accounts

Account Changes

To make a change to an existing account (e.g. transfer ownership, change servers, etc.) please contact the Computing Help Desk and describe the change you'd like to have made.

Associate Accounts

Individuals other than students, faculty, and staff that are associated with the University in a temporary capacity (e.g. visiting scholars, guests, etc.) may obtain an email account by having a sponsor request an eID for them. Visit the eID site for more information.

Secondary Accounts

Secondary accounts may be requested by contacting the Computing Help Desk, and indicating the nature of your request. Please include the following information:

  • Your primary eName (eID)
  • Your email address
  • An eName for the secondary account that you are requesting
    (up to 8 characters; lowercase letters and numbers only; must start with a letter)
  • Whether your primary account should remain open or be closed
  • The account purpose and intended user(s)

Name Changes

Last name and legal name changes

  • Students: Contact the Registrar.
  • Faculty/Staff: Contact your Human Resources representative.

Change your preferred first name

  • eID: Change Preferred First Name (used by Office 365)
  • RamWeb: "Change My Preferred First Name" is under Records.
  • Google Apps for CSU: Email your request to GAHelp, or:
    1. If you do not already have a Google+ account, click the +YourFirstName link and complete the signup process.
    2. Click the person icon (or your photo, if you uploaded one) next to the Share button in the upper right corner.
    3. Click the View Profile button.
    4. Click your name beneath the large person icon or photo.

Your Email Alias

In addition to getting a free email account with the creation of an eID, you get a free email alias, formatted using your first name and last name as follows:

CSU undergraduate students (e.g.

CSU graduate students, faculty, staff and associates (e.g.

This is not an email account itself, but rather it is an email address alias that will automatically forward mail to the email account specified in your eID, even if your email account isn't on a CSU server.

You may Change Your First.Last Email Alias if you would like to change the first part of your First.Last alias (e.g. from Jonathan.Doe to John.Doe).