The Ides of Security | Episode 1902: Avoid March Madness?

The Ides of Security – episode 1902: Avoid March Madness?

Email scams, gift cards, and part time employment, Oh My!

Sometimes it seems that phishing scams are so constant and pervasive that we don’t need to remind people. But as soon as we start thinking that way, people do start clicking things and giving money away.

So here’s the end-of-February reminder. Please share with your faculty, staff, and students.

Phishing, fraud, scam, and abuse: don’t be a victim

CSU has been seeing an elevated level of online fraud attempts lately. While that doesn’t make us unique in the world, or even in higher education, it bears repeating: please be aware that any request for action via phone or email (or text message) may be fraudulent. Emails purporting to offer part-time employment, especially those that ask the applicant to then shift to phone or non-CSU email, are particularly suspect lately. And any time an unknown party tries to get you to engage in financial transactions over email, you should simply assume fraud.

If you think you have lost money, or if you feel physically unsafe, please contact the CSU Police Department. Otherwise, feel free to contact your local IT manager or the security folks in ACNS if you have any questions about something you see in email. Personally, I’m always happy to have you reach out for confirmation at the email in my signature block, since that shows you’re paying attention!

Thanks, and let’s make March a little less MAD on the email front.