Responsible Team: Basic Services Team


The ACNS/Telecom Basic Services Team provides “Meet Me” Conference Calls


This service includes the leasing of phones and advice on accessories


There is no cost for the functionality of this service. Long distance costs will apply to calling and called party depending upon location. A Dedicated MeetMe Conference line that can be directly dialed and does not have to be scheduled through ACNS/Telecom can be set up for a one-time installation fee of $10.00 and a recurring $3.10 monthly fee.

Who Can Request This Service:

Faculty and Staff

Getting Started

Dial 0 for the campus operator during normal business hours to schedule a conference call (if calling from off campus dial 491-5881).

  1. You will need to provide:
    1. Name and telephone number of individual originating the conference call.
    2. Date and time of conference call.