Responsible Team: App/Dev


University email accounts provided to all active users at CSU, and retirees


Email is provided to all users at Colorado State University via one or two services: Office 365 and G Suite (formerly Google Apps). All new users at the university automatically get an O365 email account and can add an optional Google account (in the domain.) Users who joined before August 2018 may have been assigned a Google account by default, but they are free to add/transition to O365.

Service Note: It is important to know that only one email address is a user’s “default” one, and it’s the default which the university uses for key communications about issues such as financial aid, registration, human resources, etc.

The Check My Email page on our site has links to logins for both systems.

Who Can Request This Service:

Everyone at CSU is eligible for email; adjustments can be made to O365 accounts at, and optional Gmail accounts can be added at

Getting Started

  • Request this service: Users with O365 can add optional Gmail accounts at; Gmail users who do not have O365 can create one and make it their default email at
  • Support: email, call 491-7276, or visit the help desk on the main floor of the Morgan Library