Responsible Team: Network and Security Operations


ACNS Network and Security Operations recommends, configures, and operates security devices that may limit network traffic to prevent unauthorized access or segment secure systems from the rest of the network. This team also monitors, identifies, and troubleshoots security issues on the campus networks to protect CSU systems from abuse, intrusion, and misuse.


  • Operations of the border and data center firewalls and the management of router ACLs.
  • Operations of departmental firewalls for network segmentation for compliance (PCI, HIPAA, etc.) or other security concerns.
  • Site-to-site VPNs for secure access to CSU systems from third-party systems.
  • Infection detection and mediation.

The network and security operations will respond to helpdesk tickets for security exceptions and issues within 4 business hours. Completion of the request depends on the complexity of the exception.


There are no access or licensing costs associated with central security services. Departments are responsible for the purchase and ongoing maintenance costs of departmental firewalls.

Who Can Request This Service:

Subnet managers (IT professionals)

Getting Started

  • All requests for firewall exceptions and network security issues must be made through a helpdesk ticket. Requests will only be accepted from a subnet manager and approval will be granted based on the business need and technical requirements.
  • To initiate a support ticket, call the helpdesk at 491-7276 or email