Responsible Team: Project Management Team


Projects requests from campus are received and prioritized in ACNS/Telecommunications with the help of our campus Project Review Committee.


Project prioritization and project management oversight. Projects under 30 hours of work are managed by the individual ACNS/Telecommunications teams.

What does this service include:

When a project is requested, it will be vetted to determine if it is over or under the 30-hour threshold for a formal review and prioritization. If the project review committee recommends moving forward with the request, project management resources will be assigned to initiate, plan, execute, monitor & control, and close the project in the timeframe specified.

What to Expect

The project request review cycle consists of the following:

15th of Month: Monthly submission deadline for new requests

5 days: ACNS/Telecom review to estimate hours and costs

Last Wednesday of the month: Project Review Committee Meeting – Recommendation and Prioritization of Proposal

First week of the month: ACNS Leadership Team Review – final acceptance, prioritization and timeline recommendation:

Who Can Request This Service:

Faculty and Staff

Getting Started

Access the Project Request Form from the ACNS Homepage website, or directly at