Responsible Team: Middleware


CSU User accounts (electronic Identity, or ‘eID’) are available for all applicants, students, faculty, staff, retirees, associates, and affiliates


Active users at the university are automatically eligible for an eID, and after a nightly process are eligible to execute the self-service process of creating an account at
Information from various role centers, such as employee or student or associate, are amalgamated into a single eID store which drives many internal automated processes.
When active relationship status ceases, eID accounts go through timed, stepped phases of deactivation until full deactivation is reached.
More information at

Who Can Request This Service:

Anyone at CSU with an active relationship with the university.

Getting Started:

  • Request this service: New users should be invited by admissions/registrar (students) or their local department (employee) or their sponsor (associate) to create their account.
  • Support: Email, call 491-7276, or visit the main floor of the Morgan Library