Responsible Team: Wireless Team


The ACNS Wireless Team provides the wireless networks ‘csu-eid,’ ‘csu-guest,’ and ‘eduroam’ for the campus and most academic buildings. Additional services include access for remote users and sites, non-conventional wireless networks for certain special cases, and point to point wireless links. This service does not include wireless in residence halls.


This service includes wireless network design, project quotes, coverage and site surveys, configurations, and wireless equipment. The wireless team also monitors the state of the wireless network and responds to troubleshooting and related helpdesk tickets.


Wireless is a free service in general assignment (GA) classrooms and buildings with funding from UTFAB. Departments requesting additional coverage in buildings or non-GA buildings will need to provide funding.

Who Can Request This Service:

Students, faculty, staff, and guests

Getting Started:

  • Information about connecting to CSU’s wireless networks can be found at:
  • For wireless help and support for campus and academic buildings, call the helpdesk at 491-7276 or email
  • For wireless support in residence halls, contact Housing Technology Services.