The UCFT committee is responsible for coordinating Charges for Technology (CFT) activities including responsibility for:

  1. Maintaining the policies for the Charges for Technology activity in the CFT Manual
  2. Assembling the annual CFT reports from the Colleges into an annual report that shall be submitted to the ITEC for its approval
  3. Aassembling the annual report on the magnitude of the charges and any proposed increases

The College IT Administrator Committee (CITAC) Chair is responsible for convening and chairing the UCFT committee. Membership of the UCFT committee shall be one student and one staff member from each college. The student member shall be appointed by the student governing body of the college, and failing that, by the Dean of the college. The staff member shall be responsible for coordinating the college’s CFT activities, and shall be appointed by the Dean of the college.

College of Agricultural SciencesJake Anderson - Fac/
College of Agricultural SciencesEstephanie Gonzalez - Fac/Staff
College of Agricultural SciencesTabitha Covey -Student
College of Health & Human SciencesBeth Adams - Fac/
College of Health & Human SciencesEric Tisdale - Fac/Staff
College of BusinessRichie Nelsen - Fac/Staff
College of BusinessAbigail Holmberg - Student Rep
College of BusinessRyan Reed-Baum - Student Rep
College of EngineeringKelley Branson - Fac/
College of EngineeringMark Ritschard - Fac/Staff
College of EngineeringAl Alothman - Student Rep
College of EngineeringJhordanne Jones - Student Rep
College of Liberal ArtsBryan Gillispie - Fac/
College of Natural SciencesJim Cox - Fac/
College of Natural SciencesMando Ramirez - Student Rep
College of Natural SciencesAndrew Wilson - Student Rep
College of Vet Med & Biological SciencesSandra Quackenbush - Fac/
College of Vet Med & Biological SciencesKacie Reed - Fac/Staff
College of Vet Med & Biological SciencesZach Johnson - Student Rep
College of Vet Med & Biological SciencesAdam Pena - Student Rep
Warner College of Natural ResourcesDebbie Devore - Fac/
Warner College of Natural ResourcesKyle Gruenhagen - Student
CASAMike Brake - Fac/
CASACarmel Hill - Fac/Staff
CASADavid Smeltzer - Student
ATRCAllison Kidd -