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Service Pricing and Information:

Computer TypeService DescriptionCost
UnmanagedThis provides the user with 5GB of networked storage per machine which includes backup and recovery services.$150 / machine / year
Extra storage$6 / 5GB
Troubleshooting or repair services$60 / hour
1 hour minimum
ManagedThis provides complete desktop/laptop support services including:
applying all software updates for supported software
configuring and deploying new machines
Each managed computer also receives 5 GB of networked storage (including backup and recovery services).
$474 / machine / year
Extra storage$6 / 5 GB
Managed LabA managed lab computer is one that is used as a checkout computer or lab computer. It receives all the support that a managed computer gets, with one exception:
If it has an issue (i.e. catches a virus) it is simply reimaged. There will be no effort to recover data from its local ‘C’ drive or preserve any user profiles that may be on it.
$237 / machine / year