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Our values define who we are, tell our story, and drive our decisions and actions.


Invested in each other’s success, we value and support our family of team members and campus partners, and we share a common purpose.


Our reason for existing. We value responsive and responsible customer service, knowing and empowering our constituents, and delivering efficient and effective solutions.


Dedicated to being dependable IT partners, we draw on our combined experience, creativity, and accrued knowledge in our commitment to excellence.


We aspire to champion bold transformation by adopting the pillars of simplicity—stability, predictability, modularity, and reliability—to drive elegant innovation, ethical and sustainable use of resources, and proactive decision making.


Guided by CSU’s commitment to a rich vision of community, we aspire to nurture equity and inclusion, act with openness and integrity, foster respect for all people, contribute to local and global well-being, and promote social justice.


Mandatory COVID screening:

Beginning Monday, Feb. 22, the following students, faculty and staff are required, per university policy, to screen weekly.

  • All staff who are regularly, physically on a CSU campus or other university grounds in Larimer County
  • All students attending any course with any in-person or hybrid component
  • All students living in university housing or a fraternity or sorority house
  • All faculty and instructors teaching a face-to-face class or hybrid course

Any student, faculty or staff member who is not required to screen may still participate in screening as often as they wish.

Students who are taking online classes only and who are not living in university housing or a fraternity or sorority house, and employees who are working remotely exclusively and are not regularly on a campus or CSU worksite in Larimer County are not expected to screen on this schedule. It is, however, permissible for individuals in these later groups to occasionally visit university grounds for very brief periods of time, such as to pick up mail, a file or library materials, and not be screened weekly. See the full announcement for additional details and information.

All students and employees are required to alert the University immediately through the COVID Reporter when they have possible symptoms of COVID-19, even on days they may not be reporting to work or working remotely. They are also expected and required to report exposures or positive tests from a non-CSU testing location.

Division Employee Expectations for COVID-19 – Updated 11/4

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Co-Chairs: Jo Sampson & Adam Warren; Sponsor: Kris Seidel

Committee Happenings

The DEI Committee invites the division to participate in one of our monthly Diversity, Equity and Inclusion open houses where we have open dialogue about current events or issues, present learning opportunities or share resources and ideas, form DEI allies and relationships to build skills and enable a common language, and identify areas of concern within our division and determine where resources need to be dedicated to advance our DEI initiatives.

Please send a note to Marie Frank to be added to one of these Teams meeting.


Campus COVID Information & Resources

COVID Reporter

Mandatory Screening Information

  • Screening hours are posted on the COVID site and will be updated during the semester
  • Registration: You only need to fill this registration form out once – if you’ve filled it out already, you don’t need to fill it out again
  • Schedule your screening appointment once a week
  • Screening location – if you do NOT have symptoms of COVID-19: MAC Gym – enter through East Entrance (map)

Division Employee Expectations for COVID-19

As part of their committee work this summer, the Communications Initiative Team developed email recommendations for staff to more efficiently and effectively communicate via email. Check out the recommendation guide and implement these in your daily communications as you see fit.

Also, check out this “Effective Email Communication” blog post from the Vice President for Research – Office of Sponsored Programs, for additional suggestions for writing effective emails.

Division Projects

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Division Projects Roadmap

CSU System IAM Integration Project

Learn more about this project here, including the business case, project goals and milestones, and team members.

CSU Spur campus at the National Western Center

Coming in 2022, learn more at the official website.

CSU System Joint Banner Project

Learn more about this project here, including the business case, project goals and milestones, and team members.

Microsoft Teams Voice Pilot

Learn more about this project here, including the business case, project goals and milestones, and team members.

2020 Strategic Initiatives

Division Visual for Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiative Progress

Infrastructure Integration 90%
Cybersecurity 100%
Peer Benchmarking 100%
Communications 100%
Research IT Review 100%
Engagement 100%