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Our values define who we are, tell our story, and drive our decisions and actions.


Invested in each other’s success, we value and support our family of team members and campus partners, and we share a common purpose.


Our reason for existing. We value responsive and responsible customer service, knowing and empowering our constituents, and delivering efficient and effective solutions.


Dedicated to being dependable IT partners, we draw on our combined experience, creativity, and accrued knowledge in our commitment to excellence.


We aspire to champion bold transformation by adopting the pillars of simplicity—stability, predictability, modularity, and reliability—to drive elegant innovation, ethical and sustainable use of resources, and proactive decision making.


Guided by CSU’s commitment to a rich vision of community, we aspire to nurture equity and inclusion, act with openness and integrity, foster respect for all people, contribute to local and global well-being, and promote social justice.


Computer Checkup

If the computer you’re currently using is older than three years, it may be eligible to get refreshed with a new laptop!

  • Send Desktop Support your computer info and list any related DoIT hardware you’re currently using in the office or remotely
  • Have hardware you’re no longer using? Send Desktop Support a list of your unused equipment you currently have to schedule pickup

Schedule an appointment and pass along your computer info by sending an email to For additional details see the email sent on Mon. 7/11.

Upcoming Events

DEI Training Session #3: Mon. 10/10, 9 AM – 12 PM, Zoom

DoIT All Staff, Thurs. 10/13, 9:30 – 11 AM, MS Teams

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Co-Chairs: Ron Charkowski & Rami Jalal; Sponsor: Kris Seidel

Committee Happenings

The DEI Committee is currently seeking new members. The committee meets once per month, where we open dialogue about current events or issues, present learning opportunities or share resources and ideas, form DEI allies and relationships to build skills and enable a common language, and identify areas of concern within our division and determine where resources need to be dedicated to advance our DEI initiatives. Everyone is welcome to join meetings, even non-members.

The DEI Committee works to expand on the University’s values of Inclusion, Integrity, Respect, Service and Social Justice through DEI practices. Become part of our community as we aspire to nurture equity and inclusion, act with openness and integrity, foster respect for all people, contribute to local and global well-being, and promote social justice.


Professional Development (PD) includes individual learning and growth in a role, as well as career development. It is also a tool for managers and supervisors to ensure that their teams have the right skillsets for today’s services and those that are being considered for the future.

PD can be as simple as self-study of books and web resources, or as complex as lengthy training programs and certifications. It can be delivered on the job, through participation in committees and initiatives, or through attending conferences. Deciding to pursue a PD opportunity can be an individual choice, or may be suggested by a supervisor. And, as employees of an institution of higher education, we also have the opportunity to grow by engaging the academy: don’t forget CSU’s Employee Study Benefit!

Any priority requests for professional development should be brought forward through your supervisor to your respective department head for consideration.

We currently have a 50-user license with Udemy, which is a helpful resource for many training opportunities. Please reach out to Kris Seidel, if interested in a license.

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