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Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm traveling overseas and don't have cellular connectivity. How do I use Duo?

If you’re traveling with an international data plan on your smart phone, the Push feature in the Duo Mobile App should work as normal.

For any situation where you are outside of cellular reception — whether for a short time in an area of low signal around town, because your phone is in airplane mode while traveling, or because you’re abroad in a country with more limited networking infrastructure or restrictive internet policies — Duo supports multiple methods for completing two-factor authentication.

  1. The Duo hardware token, available at RamTech, is a key-fob device that does not rely on network communication. A push of the button provides a one-time code that can be typed into the Duo prompt.
  2. The Duo Mobile App, on a cell phone or tablet, also has a one-time code feature that functions even when the device can’t reach the network.

In general, it’s a good idea to have more than one 2nd factor, in case you lose one or it stops functioning for some reason. If you travel extensively, and reaching the CSU help desk might be difficult due to time differences, it would be a great idea to register two devices that you’ll have with you.

How do I configure my Pulse Desktop or Mobile Client?

  1. Click the plus sign (+) on the top (Windows) or lower left (Mac) to create a new connection.
  2. Enter a name for the connection (e.g. CSU Two-Factor Connection)
  3. Enter the server as

How do I register a foreign phone number using the self-service page?

Foreign phone numbers are supported in DUO. To register a foreign number enter a plus sign (+), followed by the Country Code and the phone number in the phone number field. These numbers should be all in one string; no spaces or dashes. For example: +441234567890

I don’t have a phone and need a hardware token – where do I get one?

Colorado State University supports the DUO Hardware tokens as a 2nd factor authentication device.  You can buy a hardware token at RamTech for $23.75 and the staff will enroll the token for you.  For information on using a hardware token as your 2nd factor please see the Hardware Tokens user guide below.

I lost a device registered with DUO. How can I remove this device as my 2nd factor?

If you’ve lost your cell phone, hardware token, or any other device you’ve registered with DUO, you can remove it through the self-service application located on the eID website. You will need to have another device registered as a 2nd factor for this to work (recommended).  If you do not have a backup device registered with DUO you will need to contact the CSU IT Central Support Helpdesk at (970) 491-7276 or

I’ve replaced the phone I enrolled in DUO – do I need to register it?


If your phone number changed or you have a new phone (with the same number):

  • If you have an alternate/backup device enrolled in Duo:
    • Log in to the Duo Enrollment website with your eID and password.
    • Find your old device under the Registered Devices table and click the delete link to remove it.
    • Click on the +Register Device to enroll your new phone and number.  If you need help see the instructions below for registering and activating devices.
  • If you do not have an alternate/back-up device enrolled in Duo, call the CSU Central IT Support Helpdesk at (970) 491-7276 or

Can I setup more than one device?

We recommend that you setup more than one device as a 2nd factor authentication method with DUO. If you lose, misplace or simply forget a device, having a second registered device (like your desk phone, or a hardware token) will save the day.

What can I use besides my cell phone as a second factor device?

You can setup the following devices as options for a 2nd factor authentication:

  • Phone number – Instructions — any device that can receive phone calls, including cell phones and home phones/”landlines”
  • Smartphone or Tablet with DUO Mobile App – Instructions
  • Hardware Token – visit RamTech to purchase and configure a hardware token. For more information on using a token see the Hardware Token user guide below.

Can I use my "not-so-smart" cell phone?

Yes. Any device capable of receiving a phone call can be registered as a “phone”, also referred to in some Duo documentation as a “landline” even though simpler cell phones also qualify. In fact, if you don’t plan to install the Duo Mobile app, your smart phone can be added simply as a phone and just receive phone calls.

How do I authenticate with my smart phone app if I don’t have cell signal, data, or Wi-Fi connection?

Generate a passcode in the Duo Mobile app by tapping the key icon next to “Colorado State University”. The passcode will appear underneath. Then log in to the system using the passcode.

I only log in once a year – do I need to use Duo?

Yes. If you are logging in from off campus to check HR or other on-campus systems, you will need to use Duo.  For this case, it would be good to register one or more phone numbers. These can be your home phone or a cell phone. Using this method, you will ask CSU’s service to call you and when you answer your phone you will need to press the # key to confirm that it’s really you.

What is Duo Restore and what should I do if it pops up?

Duo Restore is not currently supported at CSU.  Our recommendation is to answer ‘No’ to enabling it.

User Guides:

Register and Activate the Duo Mobile App

Download Duo Mobile App

To use a smartphone or tablet for Two-Factor Authentication, the Duo Mobile app must be downloaded and installed on the device.

Duo Mobile for iPhone

Duo Mobile for Android

Duo Mobile for Windows Phone

Register a smartphone or tablet

To register a smartphone or tablet, login to the Two Factor Authentication website with your eName and ePassword.

Click on the Register Device link on the right side of the Two-Factor Authentication page.

Provide a unique Device Name (Smartphone, tablet, iPhone, Android, etc.,) for the device.

*A phone number is not needed for a tablet and it is optional when registering a smart phone. If a phone number is added, users will have the option to receive a phone call from DUO on their smartphone for authentication.

Click on the Type dropdown and select DUO mobile app.

Click on the Platform dropdown to select the device platform, Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone 7, etc.

Google\Android example

iPad example

Once all necessary device information is entered, click the Save button to save the device information.

After you click Save, the page will refresh to the Two-Factor Device Activation page with a barcode displayed. Leave this page open and move to the next step.

Activate Duo Mobile App

To Activate the DUO mobile app, open the Duo Mobile app on your device and then click on the + icon in the upper right corner.

This will bring up the Duo Mobile app’s barcode scanner. Scan the barcode on the Two-Factor Device Activation page with the app’s barcode scanner.

When the device activates, the Duo Mobile app will display Colorado State University as an account.

On the Two-Factor Device Activation page, click on Return to display your Registered Devices.

Register another device

To register another device, click on the Register Device link.

What to Expect: Duo Authentication

When logging into a website that utilizes Two Factor Authentication, users will first login using their CSU credentials.

Upon logging in, the Duo prompt will populate allowing users to choose how to verify their identity.

Note: If more than one device was registered, make sure to select the one you want to use for this session from the Device dropdown menu.

Options for Duo Authentication:

Send Me a Push

Click on the Send Me a Push button to receive a login request using the Duo Mobile App on a smartphone or tablet.

If the device screen is locked or asleep when the push notification is sent, unlock the device and click on the notification, which will open the Duo Mobile App.

If the Duo Mobile app is opened, click on the Request waiting notice.

To Approve the login request, click on the Approve button in the Duo Mobile app.

Important: If a notification is ever received when you are not trying to log in, click the Deny button.

Once the notification has been approved, you will be logged into the requested website.

Call Me

Click on the Call Me button to receive a phone call from Duo to your registered device.

The status bar at the bottom of the Duo prompt will update at each step of the process.

Answer the call and listen to the instructions to authenticate. The Duo Prompt status bar will also display how to approve the request over the phone.

Enter a Passcode – Duo Mobile App

Click on the Enter a Passcode button to authenticate using a passcode generated from the Duo Mobile App.

Open the Duo Mobile App on your device and then click on the down arrow next to the Colorado State University Account.

The Duo Mobile App will populate a 6-digit code under the Colorado State University account.

Enter the 6-digit passcode from the Duo Mobile App into the passcode textbox and then click on the Log In button.

Enter a Passcode – Hardware Token

To authenticate using a hardware token, click the ‘Enter a Passcode’ button. Note: Using the Device dropdown menu to select your token is not necessary before entering the passcode.

Press the button on your hardware token to generate a new passcode, type it into the space provided, and click on the Log In button.

Tokens can get “out of sync” if the button is pressed too many times in a row and the generated passcodes aren’t used for login. Contact the Central IT Support Helpdesk if your token stops working.

If you need a hardware token, one can be purchased and configured at RamTech in the Lory Student Center.