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Pulse Secure Users: change your server definition to [FAQs]

How Do I Sign Up?

At this time, you can register the following devices:

    Your Smartphone (Recommended): You will need to download the Duo Mobile App from your phone’s store, and we recommend that you do this before registering your phone. This method will allow Duo to push a message to your phone where you can verify your identity by pressing on the green checkmark presented. You can also generate a six-digit code using the Duo App that can be entered as a validation of your identity. 

    Any Phone Number: You can register your cell phone, desk phone, home phone, etc. and the system will call you to validate your identity.

    A hardware token: These can be purchased from RamTech for $23.75 and will generate a six-digit code that you can use.

User Guides for all these methods can be found on our Duo help page.

What is it and why use it?

Duo is a tool that provides two-factor authentication to better protect your account by requiring an additional piece of information beyond your username and password. When you access CSU VPN services (using both the Pulse Client and  you will be required to use a device that you have (your mobile phone, desk phone, a hardware token, or other device) to provide an additional layer of security to your account. This is done by using the Duo Security app (on your smartphone) and receiving a push authentication request, or through a phone call or entering a generated code.

Two Factor Infographic