Step 1: Prerequisites

To apply for a Summit account, you must have a CSU eID and enable DUO two-factor authentication:

  1. You can get a CSU eID at
    • If you are affiliated with CSU, you should already have an eID. It’s the same credential you use to access email and HR databases.
    • If you are unaffiliated with CSU, you will need an Associate’s eID. Have your CSU sponsor fill in the Associate’s eID form and send to their home department.
  2. To enable DUO two factor authentication, follow the setup instructions at //

Step 2: Account request

If you are a CSU faculty member or graduate student, you are pre-approved. Please proceed to step 3.

If you are a postdoc, staff member, undergraduate student or affiliate, fill out the Account Application Form.  The system will ask you to log in with your eID to view the form. You will receive an email when your request has been approved or if we need more information.

Step 3. Account creation

After your account is approved, request CU-Boulder account. Note that you must use DUO to authenticate through this form. In the password field, type your CSU eid password, then a comma, then the word “push” or the DUO key generated by your device.

For example, if your password was ilovesummit and your DUO key is 123456, you would type




You will then be asked to provide information about your account. Be sure to check the box next to “I would like to run high-performance compute jobs on the RMACC Summit Cluster”. Otherwise, you will not be added to csu-general. This general use allocation is available to all CSU users and allows you to test your workflow on the system before applying for allocation for your project.

After submitting the form, you will receive an account confirmation email from CU-Boulder. At this point, you will be able to log into and run jobs on Summit.

For instructions on remote login to Summit please see that section on the main HPC homepage. Contact if you run into trouble.