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What wireless networks are available on campus?

  • csu-eid
  • csu-guest
  • eduroam

What is csu-eid wireless?

csu-eid is the fastest, most reliable, and secure network on campus. Students, faculty, and staff have access to this network.

The network will request your eID and password in order to connect.


Additional information:

Secure and encrypted WPA2 Enterprise network for CSU Students, Faculty, and Staff.

For manual configurations, possible required parameters are:

  • Domain:
  • Network security: WPA2 Enterprise
  • AES encryption (also may be listed as CCMP)
  • eap(peap) with mschapv2
  • User authentication (not machine)
  • Uncheck ‘Use Windows credentials’
  • Trusted Root Certificate Authority: AddTrust External CA Root
  • Accept security certificate for

What is csu-guest wireless?

csu-guest is an unsecured and open network for guest access only. This provides access to the internet but not to CSU resources. Connections will act the same as coming from off campus. You will need to accept the Campus Acceptable Usage Policy to use this network.

What is eduroam?

eduroam is the international network for participating institutions, get setup now.

Secure and encrypted WPA2 Enterprise network for affiliates of international educational institutions. Stations will send authentications requests to users’ home institution.

Why don't I just use csu-guest instead of configuring csu-eid?

As a student, faculty, or staff member of CSU you should take full advantage of the fastest, most reliable, secure network on campus: csu-eid. The csu-guest network is unsecured and has slower connection speeds. While it gives you access to the internet it will not provide access to CSU web resources.

Where are these networks available?

Wireless is now available in almost all academic buildings on campus. CSU Housing and Dining Services provides wireless access in residential buildings.

Is there wireless coverage outdoors?

See the map below; areas highlighted in yellow indicate where we have outdoor wireless coverage available on CSU’s main campus.

CSU Campus Map Highlighting Outdoor Wireless Coverage

Where do I go for help?

For assistance & troubleshooting:
Visit the Morgan Library Helpdesk
Phone: (970) 491-7276

For updates & feedback:

What are the safety concerns regarding wireless?

FCC regulations approve installing wireless devices in public places since its signals are emitted at a safe level for people. Find more information about the use of electromagnetic energy for communications from the FCC.